Since We Have a Great Priest Over God's House: First Five Series

Brian Mahon - 1/29/2024


Call to worship: Jeremiah 31:31-34

Text: Hebrews 10:18-25


Through Jesus, we have forgiveness of sins, unfettered access to God, and the oversight of this great Priest. Flowing from His dying love, and the confidence it affords us as the family of God, the author gives us a trio of exhortations: let us draw near, let us hold fast, let us consider how. A local church is a priestly family especially given to the ministry of confident prayer, confessional courage, and corporate encouragement and/or Christian competency.

Sermon Outline:

  1. The finished work of Jesus for the house of God. (10:18-21)
  2. Exhortations for the house because of Jesus' work. (10:22-25)
    • Let us draw near: the family ministry of confident prayer. (10:22)
      Let us hold fast: the family ministry of confessional courage. (10:23)
      Let us consider how: the family ministry of Christian competency. (10:24-25)


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Hebrews 10:18-25.
  2. From the flow of chapter 10, why might a Christian and/or church tremble for lack of assurance? In what ways might a lack of assurance spill over (obstructively) into the nature, ministry, and necessity of a local church?
  3. How does the author of Hebrews (Paul, according to George) seek to steady their confidence as the house of God? To Whom does he direct them? And to what truths related to His work for us (10:18-21)? Do you find confidence in the fact of full forgiveness, unobstructed access to God, and Christ's perfect and perpetual oversight?
  4. If so, confidence for what? Have we thought, for instance, that the fact of full forgiveness is meant, not only to supply confidence for the conscience, but confidence for a community to engage in her God-given ministry? What is the church called in 10:21? How does 'church as house' confirm or change your understanding of what a church is? How does the nature of a church address and settle the ministry and necessity of a church?
  5. What are the three exhortations given to the house or family of God by virtue of Christ's work and oversight? If you could boil down 'let us draw near,' 'let us hold fast,' 'let us consider how' into aspects of a church's ministry, how would you do it? Noting how each exhortation is for 'us', how does that confirm or change how we view the Christian life and ministry? How is *your participation in *our praying, *our courage, *our 'churchiness'? Do you see the church as tangential or central to your Christian life? Do you desire her meetings for prayer and fortification and competency 'all the more'?
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