What To Expect

Almost all of us have had the experience of going somewhere new, of being uncomfortable, not sure what comes next. It can be hard to focus on God's Word or the message being sung. Hopefully the following notes will make your visit a little more comfortable and spiritually engaging.

Sunday - Word and Prayer

On Sunday morning, before service, we come together for a time of study and prayer. One of our pastors will bring a passage of Scripture and we will approach it through the lens of prayer. For example, we might take a particular Psalm and reflect on how God is working in the heart of the Psalmist, or a passage from one of Paul's letters and consider the way God is building community and faith.

This is a great way to engage Scripture, bring our hearts together to praise, and adore and thank our bountiful Father. We get an opportunity to confess our weakness and sin, and to lift up others who are hurting, whether emotionally, physically, or especially spiritually. Finally, as we read Scripture with a heart of prayerfulness, we are reminded of the work Christ has already done for us, as well as the work he is doing at our doorstep.

We begin at 9:40 AM, every Sunday, usually ending by 10:10, in time for service. Come and join in what is always a sweet and refreshing time before the throne.

Sunday - Corporate Worship

Our corporate worship begins at 10:30 AM, with announcements and helpful hints for visitors. We won't leave you hanging as to where the bathrooms are! But, we encourage you to show up a little earlier and meet us in the Mount Café (ask, we'll point the way), where you can find juice, coffee, hot water for tea (or just hot water if that's your thing), and some light snacks. More than refreshments, you can interact with our members, who are a delight to talk to, and will make you feel welcome if you are still wondering if you've made the right choice (you have!).

During Sunday morning worship, we offer nursery and children's programs that take place in the education building behind the sanctuary through the covered breezeway. Nursery is on the main level and the preschool class (ages 3-5yrs) and kids class (K-4th grade) are upstairs. To check in, just follow the footsteps!

Back to our time of worship! Following announcements, we begin our time with a reading from God's Word that helps to set the stage for our time of praise and worship but hopefully will help us reflect on the day's message throughout the week. God's Word is a critical component of every Sunday at The Mount, from start to finish.

Our time of praise is a combination of old and new. Week to week we will sing hymns, updated hymns, blended praise choruses and even some contemporary worship. Our desire is to help the body worship its creator, rather than attend a performance. Again, we want the words we are singing, and the God we sing them to, to take center stage.

Sunday morning would be incomplete without focused time in God's Word. Following our worship in song, we turn to the pages of Scripture. We will have the text available on screen and in printed form, but a Bible you are experienced in is never a waste. Our body is blessed with a diverse set of gifted men, and so be prepared to focus on God's word, and not just the person "up front". The benefits for elders and body alike are numerous! Whether you are a mature believer, a new Christian, or are not sure what it means to be "saved", we have something for you to hear and take into your week.