Judgment Belongs to the Lord: Nahum, Part 2

George Marshall - 6/18/2023


Call to worship: Psalm 7

Text: Nahum 2:1-13


As Nahum continues to explain the vision, he sketches in detail the demise of Nineveh and the demise of the empire. Despite the seeming strength of Nineveh, it is already ready to topple. Unbeknownst to it, YHWH is already here. He chides them to prepare, but it is for nothing. The march to the city is a song of increasing ruin and failure, shaming Assyria's military might and aspirations, as well as the king's claims to provide for his people's security. Nineveh's commitment to violence, to idolatry, to glorying in its strength leaves room for nothing but judgment from God as he restores the hope of his people.

Sermon Outline:

  1. hope (2:1-2)
  2. unmitigated defeat (2:3-10)
  3. the divine warrior (2:11-13)


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Nahum 2:1-13.
  2. What is the effect of God warning Nineveh's military to get ready for battle (1)? Why is this preparation doomed to failure (13)?
  3. What different settings do you see in the progression of the attack against Nineveh (3-10)? How do these settings point to Nineveh's sin and explain God's judgment of Nineveh/Assyria? What repeated imagery do you see between the attack on Nineveh and the theophany-poem of 1:2-8?
  4. Why is Assyria described in terms of a pride of lions (11-13)? How is the image of kingship mixed with nature imagery? How does God's defeat of Assyria point to his ultimate defeat of all his enemies?
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