The Prophets' Preoccupation: The Gospel for You

Nathan Johnson - 2/21/2021


Call to worship: Isaiah 55

Text: 1 Peter 1:10-12

Sermon Outline:

  1. The prophets spoke of the Christ, 1:10-11
  2. The prophets learned they were serving you, 1:12
  3. Two themes of reflection for suffering saints
    • This gospel is glorious and worth our lives
    • God is faithful to save—past, present, future



  1. First things: Pray for self, family, and church to receive the Word now and during Sunday service with humility and joy in Christ to a fruitful end. And then read this week's text.
  2. How was OT prophecy of Christ "suffering and subsequent glories" important in the prophets' day? Is it important today for similar or different reasons? What about regarding Christ's second coming?
  3. What was the Holy Spirit doing in the prophets' day (vs 11)? And in Peter's day (and our own, vs 12)? Why do you think Peter called the Spirit, "the Spirit of Christ," in vs 11 while using the more frequent usage, "Holy Spirit," in vs 12?
  4. Peter uses multiple strong words to describe the prophets' and the angels'(!) interest in the grace given to us in the gospel. Certainly there's an admonition/expectation for us to preoccupy ourselves with the same message. Why might Peter stress this, particularly in the face of discrimination and persecution?
  5. What's your favorite OT messianic prophecy?
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