Esther: God Always Faithful

7/4/2021 -

In Esther, a rival king is on the throne, and God appears absent when, in fact, He is very present for the benefit of His people. From this, we learn that in our striving, we can trust Him even when we can’t see Him. God is faithful to work all things for our good.

In This Series

  1. The World is Not Enough: The Stage-Setting of the World's True Sovereign (Esther 1)
  2. Esther, Persian Beauty Queen: The Unexpected Rise of a Jewish Deliverer (Esther 2:1-18)
  3. Here I Stand: The Jewish Man God Used to Save the World (Esther 2:19-3:15)
  4. If I Perish, I Perish: At the Cross-Roads of Compromise and Conviction (Esther 4)
  5. Graces and Gallows: God at Work in the Shadows (Esther 5)
  6. Who's the Man!? In Praise of Providence and Humility Pills (Esther 6)
  7. Hello Haman, and Goodbye: When Sin Comes Home to Roost (Esther 7)
  8. How Beautiful are the Feet: Delivering the Joy of a Counter-Edict (Esther 8)
  9. The God of Great Reversals: Purim, Jesus, and the Lord's Day (Esther 9:1-22)
  10. God Always Faithful: Recounting and Rejoicing in Esther's Redeemer (Esther 9:23-10:3)