Missions Week

Missions Week

Purpose: To cultivate faithfulness in the areas of evangelistic awareness, intentionality, and activity both locally and globally.

Sunday, Sept. 12 | Kickoff Sermon on Domestic Missions

Action: Prayer at the church building, 4:00-7:30 p.m. There will be four prayer stations: our church, local missions, global missions, lost persons. Come and pray at any time during these hours.

Point Person: Mary Anne Fabian

Monday, Sept. 13 | Prayer Walking

Action: Gather with other members and walk through your neighborhood, campus, street, community...wherever. Just walk and pray together for the salvation of the lost that are everywhere around us.

Tuesday, Sept. 14 | Supporting Church Ministries

The Clothes Closet is a fixture of mercy, love, and care for many in our area. A list of needs will be posted online for your consideration. Action: Think about how you could use this week to overwhelm The Mount’s Food Pantry. Perhaps you could coordinate your own food drive with your neighborhood, classmates, or co-workers. Or maybe you could sell some items and give the proceeds to buy food.

Point Person: Rita McConnell

Wednesday, Sept. 15 | Apologetics Panel | 6:30 p.m. | Sanctuary

Action: This panel will answer questions and offer respectful dialogue about Christianity from a Biblical worldview. A flyer with additional details is available on Facebook and Slack for sharing and hard copies are available in the cafe.

Point Person: Pastor Brian

Thursday, Sept. 16 | Supporting Local Ministries

Action: Highlighting Hope Women’s Center, be on the lookout for a video that introduces this organization and ways you may join other members at The Mount who are already involved in this ministry!

Point Person: Suzanne O’Dell

Friday, Sept. 17 | Movie Night | 8:00 p.m. | The Mount Church

Action: Invite others for a movie and popcorn night on the church grounds. This is intended to create an opportunity for us to fellowship together and connect with those in the community around us. An electronic flyer will be available on Slack and Social Media for you to share and invite others.

Point Person: Corey Jenkins

Saturday, Sept. 18 | Hospitality & Generosity

Action: Plan to meet up with others or host them in your home/ apartment for an intentional time of encouragement, evangelism, and fun. Feel free to pair up with others. The goal is to utilize the table the way Jesus did - for the good of souls.

Action: Several items are being stored at the church that could to be sold online. Volunteers would take pictures of the items, sell them online, arrange for pick-up, and turn proceeds in to benefit designated missionaries.

Point Person: Jan Sherard and Jenna Marshall

Sunday, Sept. 19 | Sermon on Global Missions

Spotlight: Introducing the translation work of Dave and Stacey Hare. You may read more about them at https://haretranslation.com. Action: An offering will be collected for designated missionaries.

Giving Opportunities

There will be several opportunities this week to give sacrificially above what is regularly given to our church in order to support local and international missions. We are asking that you prayerfully consider giving to one of the following ministries:

  • Janie Chapman State Missions
  • The Mount Church Food Pantry
  • Hope Women’s Center
  • Dave and Stacey Hare, International Missionaries in Cameroon
  • Church-supported missionaries