Purpose Despite Persecution: Proclaiming Christ so All May Know

Jonathan Rollins - 4/24/2022


Call to worship: Proverbs 1:20-33

Text: John 7:25-36

Sermon Outline:

  1. Ignorance of God (7:25-27)
  2. Revelation of God (7:28-29)
  3. Persecution of God’s Messiah (7:30-32)
  4. Prophecy of Messiah’s Victory (7:33-36)

Benediction: Hebrews 1:1-3


Discussion Questions:

  1. 7:25-27 – Why were the Jews seeking to kill Jesus? Why did they not want to say anything to Him? Did they know He was Messiah? Or did they think He was just a man? Did the people really know where He was from? In verse 27, they say that when the Christ comes no one would know where He was from. Why would they say that? Read Micah 5:2.
  2. 7:28-29 – Why would Jesus say “You know me and you know where I am come from?” Where was He really from? For what purpose does He say that He came into the world? Did He come of His own accord when He wanted to? Or is this further evidence of His complete submission to the Father’s will? He accuses the Jews, who were very religious, of not knowing God. What does it mean to know God?
  3. 7:30-32 – Why would the Jews want to arrest Him? For what reason does John say they were unable to? Did the people have true faith in verse 31? Why not? What did they want from Jesus?
  4. 7:33-36 – Where is Jesus going? Why won’t the Jews be able to find Him? Why can’t they go where He is? What does He mean by saying “You will seek me and you will not find me,” and “Where I am you cannot come?” How does a person find Jesus? How does a person get to Jesus?
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